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mainly cheerful

Opening : 06th July 2023 at 7 pm
Place: Kunstpunkt Berlin, Schlegelstrasse 6, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

Exhibition duration: 06. - 23.07.2023
Opening hours: Thurs - Sun, 3 - 7 pm

The exhibition "mostly cheerful" presents works by 20 female artists who work with various media and materials. Caroline Armand, Judith Brunner, Katia Sophia Ditzler, Ulrike Dornis, Ina Geißler, Ulrike Gerst, Andrea Golla, Margret Holz, Juliana Jaeger, Rachel Kohn, Verena Kyselka, Uschi Niehaus, Roswitha Paetel, Zuzanna Schmukalla, Annette Selle, Beate Selzer, Beate Spitzmüller, Marianne Stoll, Sibylla Weisweiler, Anke Westermann.

The exhibition presents something light, bright, delicate, colorful, and white in an airy overall setting, where the works interact with each other in a harmonious aesthetic full of tension.

An exhibition by the Women's Museum Berlin in cooperation with the Network of Independent Berlin Project Spaces and Initiatives at Kunstpunkt Berlin, a space for contemporary art.

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