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In the Way

Exhibition project in public space, Schwetzingen.
Opening: April 20, 2023, 6 p.m.
Location: Marstallhof, Carl-Theodor-Strasse 8, 68723 Schwetzingen

Kunstverein Schwetzingen

Opening: Lord Mayor Dr. René Pöltl
Introduction with tour: Dr. Dietmar Schuth

jpgEinladung Schwetzingen_2023.jpg

Im Wege stehend (Standing in the Way) is the name of a series of exhibitions of art in public spaces that will be organized for the seventh time in 2023 by the city of Schwetzingen and the Schwetzingen Art Association. The aim of this project is to open up the cultural city of Schwetzingen to art for a period of six months and to accentuate and play unusual places with artworks of all kinds. Twelve artists will show their work and express the theme of nature with their art.
Werner Bitzigeio, Winterspelt, Matthias Braun, Würzburg, Axel Eiflinger, Heidelberg, Marcus Jansen, Leipzig, Georg Janthur, Wuppertal, Sergei Karev, Leipzig, Dorothea Kirsch, Gillenbeuren, Thomas Neumaier, Ingolstadt, Charlotte Payet, Luxembourg, Yvonne Roth, Klingenmünster, Beate Spitzmüller, Berlin, Michael Volkmer, Ludwigshafen

Curator: Dr. Dietmar Schuth
Exhibition duration: 20.04. - 08.10.2023

Im Wege stehend VII artworks in Schwetzingen


"Nature Power - Rankenstühle" is my work conceived for Schwetzingen on the forecourt of the Pankratiuskirche. I alienate objects, and make chairs into a fragrant 'object' of fresh green. The artificially overformed connects and interweaves with nature.



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